Hello everyone! Sorry in advance - you'll come across this more than once as we want to make sure everyone will see it:

I'm Cara, the Compassionate Communities Engagement Coordinator. The Exchange is meant to be informative, current, engaging, and most of all, useful to you! 

Sometimes HOW you say something can be just as important as WHAT you're saying. For this platform to be beneficial to you, make your posts accessible and appealing to other community members. 

Here are the top 4 tips to increase engagement of your post (see image).

The benefits of a well-done post include more likes, discussion, feedback, and relationships with other community members-the Exchange is a great space to connect with others. Make the most of your time here by using these tips.

I'm excited to see where higher engagement can take your posts. See you around the Exchange!

If you have feedback, ideas, or questions, my inbox is always open. You can message me here or email me at cdavidson@pallium.ca